Purpose: To assist the Board of Directors and Staff of the Siouxland Humane Society in accomplishing the organization’s mission through volunteer support of selected programs and services.

Guidelines: Members will provide volunteer support in accordance with the following guidelines that have been approved by the Board of Directors.

1. Active Members will: be 14 years or older; demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the organization’s mission, programs, and services through regular participation in volunteer activities; complete an application form; agree to abide by these Guidelines, as well as any other policies or procedures established by the Siouxland Humane Society’s Board of Directors and Staff.

2. Members between the ages of 14 through 17 will be categorized as youth members. Members over age 18 will be categorized as adult members. Members will be placed in activities that are commensurate with the individual member’s age and level of maturity.

3. Members will be asked to help with those activities for which they have indicated an interest and willingness to help. From time to time, members may be asked if they wish to help with other activities when volunteers are needed. The Volunteer Services Committee, the Executive Director, or their designees, who will strive to accommodate the interests of the individual member while, at the same time, addressing the needs of the organization, will assign activities.

4. Members may be required to sign a waiver, as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors, before engaging in certain volunteer activities. Youth members will be required to obtain their parents/guardians’ permission by signature on the appropriate form.

5. Members will receive a newsletter that will highlight upcoming volunteer activities, as well as recognize past contributions. There are no membership dues. However, those members who wish to make a financial contribution to the organization are strongly encouraged to do so through the ongoing and annual appeals.

6. The Executive Director must approve all activities in which the volunteer speaks on behalf of the organization. These include, but are not limited to: media appearances, school presentations and educational programs, and service club presentations. Volunteers who engage in these activities must attend a brief orientation session and use only those materials that have been approved by the Executive Director with input from the Board of Directors. These volunteers will receive periodic updates on organizational statistics, programs, and services so as to provide the public with current and accurate information. Following each speaking engagement, volunteers will provide the Executive Director, or his designee, with feedback of the event, as appropriate.

7. The Executive Director, or his/her designee, may immediately relieve a volunteer of his/her duties should such an action be necessary to ensure the safety and welfare of the volunteers, public, or animals and/or the continuous mission of the organization.