What better companion for a senior citizen than a loving devoted pet. This program will match special need pets with senior citizens. Many senior citizens find themselves alone and in need of someone to care for and love. On the flipside, many of the pets that come through our doors every year are considered “special need” pets because they are older, have a handicap, or for some other reason are deemed undesirable. These pets often are a perfect match for seniors who don’t want to deal with the stress of puppies and kittens and prefer a more settled pet.

Participants in the program must be 60 and older and be retired or working part-time. Pets placed in this program are “special need” pets which have been selected for placement by our staff.

The Pets For Seniors Program will include:
• A discounted adoption fee of only $20.00.
• A pet that is already spayed/neutered.
• A pet that is fully vaccinated.
• A dog tested for heartworm or a feline FeLV/FIV.
• Help with pet transportation if needed.
• Work to find the perfect pairing of pets and people.