Losing a pet is the worst feeling! We hope you find your pet happy and safe. To bring lost pets home safely, we operate a computerized lost and found service that will quickly let you know if your pet has been found. Many happy reunions of pets and their owners take place in our Shelter every year.

If you are missing a pet, we strongly encourage you to check with us immediately. Please call (712)252-2614 ext. 0 or come to the shelter to identify/claim your pet.
If the Siouxland Humane Society happens to have rescued your pet, there will be a return to owner fee to cover the costs of services provided to your pet during their stay.

These may include some or all of the following:
• Vaccinations
• Deworming
• Flea Treatment/Grooming
• Food and Shelter

Return to owner fee: the first 24 hours pet is held is $19. Fee for each additional day is $9.

If your pet is not at the shelter, please fill out a SHS Lost Report so we can contact you if your pet happens to arrive at the shelter.

If you have a found or lost pet in Sioux City you may also contact Sioux City Animal Control at (712)279-6170. For areas outside of Sioux City also contact your local city/county law enforcement agency.